På Kalvefalls finns vår butik “Hriminirshopen Kalvefalls” med kvalitetsprodukter direkt från Island.

About Hrimnir ( Från deras hemsida)
 Our Mission

The company was established to provide Icelandic horse owners all over the world with superb quality saddles. We work only with leading suppliers in the various countries where Icelandic horses are found, and strive to offer excellent service.

The company is owned by Runar Thor Gudbrandsson and his wife Hulda Sollilja Aradottir. Runar has close to 20 years experience in the equestrian product industry, where he has specialized in equipment for Icelandic horses. Runar began working for the company Hestamaðurinn in Iceland back in January 1994. In 1996 he opened his own store in cooperation with Jon Ingi Baldursson and named it Reiðlist. 1999 Reiðlist, Hestamaðurinn and Reiðsport merged and formed the company Töltheimar. During those years, Runar developed several popular products such as the Saga Collection bits, Mountain Horse jodhpurs, and various riding equipment.

About the Hrímnir name
Hrímnir frá Hrafnagili was adored by all Icelandic horse lovers. We were therefore honored when we were offered to carry his name on the saddle. Hrímnir frá Hrafnagili was owned by Björn Sveinsson at Varmilækur II. Varmilækur II is situated 8 km south of Varmahlíð, very close to Vindheimamelar. At Varmilækur II live Björn and Magnea K Guðmundsdóttir, where they breed and train horses. Björn is a member of the Trainers’ Association FT since 1974 and has a C riding teachers degree. Winner Hrímnir won the B-class “gæðingakeppni” at Landsmót 1982 with a score of 8.86. Previously he had competed only a few times and always done well. He drew a lot of attention right from the beginning. He would never compete again, yet he has been shown many times at horse events. 4-gaiter of the century In 2007, Eidfaxi did a survey to find out who was the most popular 4-gaiter of the century, and Hrímnir received 70% of the votes. Hrímnir died at Varmilækur in 2007


Our horses
Our breeding is very small and some years we haven’t had any foals. Our goal is however to breed horses with good temperament and movements, as well as good neck.

Quality over quantity
Our emphasis is to offer good quality horses that are well trained and suitable for each rider. We therefore offer extensive information on all our horses, so the rider can find the best match.